Neuropsychological & Developmental Testing

Promote your child’s optimal functioning & wellbeing

About Neuropsychological Testing

Our comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations provide individuals and their families with diagnostic clarity, as well as supportive recommendations and guidance to best support your child’s success.

About Developmental Testing

Our Developmental Diagnostic Clinic specializes in the comprehensive assessment of children, adolescents, and adults. Through the thoughtful and innovative collaboration with a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist as well as a licensed Occupational Therapist, our unique approach strives to provide a complete understanding of your child’s abilities, strengths, and areas of difference. 

At the conclusion of the testing experience, you will receive a comprehensive report including recommendations tailored to your child that will help inform family members, schools, and treatment teams and promote your child’s optimal functioning and wellbeing.

Reasons Individuals Seek Our Assessment Services

Attention/Executive Functioning Evaluation

Social-Emotional/Personality Evaluation

Neuropsychological Assessment

Psychoeducational/Learning Disability Evaluation

Social Development/Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

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