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The Center for Connections is a group of highly skilled clinical psychologists that specialize in the clinical treatment and assessment of children, adolescents, and adults. Through the use of evidence-based treatments, and a strong foundation in psychodynamic and attachment-based research, we are committed to supporting our patients in finding happiness and satisfaction in their lives through skilled clinical care and meaningful connections with others.

Developmental Diagnostic Clinic

Our Developmental Diagnostic Clinic is committed to being one of the most comprehensive assessment and treatment programs for children with special needs in the area. We believe that obtaining a full understanding of your child’s needs is the key to securing the supports that will help them feel confident and thrive in all aspects of their lives. Our Developmental Diagnostic Clinic collaborates with a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist as well as a licensed Occupational Therapist to provide the most comprehensive understanding of your child’s abilities, strengths, and areas of difference.

Professional Consultation & Training

Our strong value of community engagement means that we are dedicated to forming strong relationships with local schools and area organizations through consultation, workshops, and other continuing education programming aimed at supporting individuals, families, professionals, and organizations in the community.

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